MusicLore demo recordings are offered here to give you an idea of our musical style, technique and overall sound.

These songs were purposely recorded with just a couple of takes and NO instrumental or vocal overdubs ... just some added reverb or a little delay effect. And, as always, ZERO use of AutoTune!  Our intention was to allow you to hear us as naturally and "honest" as possible by emulating a "live duet performance" in the studio with just two voices and a single acoustic guitar for those tracks noted as "acoustic duet".  So, while you may occasionally hear a less than perfect passage and some squeaks from fingers moving on the strings in the background, this and the rest of the recordings in this "acoustic duet" series are actually meant to be this way (smile).  The songs noted as "acoustic quartet" include hand percussion and either acoustic-electric bass guitar and/or acoustic lead guitar.

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The acoustic quartet version of "Marry You - LIVE!" and "Stay ... I Want You To" were recorded in 2014 by RG Studios in Tracy, CA and the acoustic duet versions of "Skyfall", "Wide Awake" and "Darkside" were recorded in 2013 by Steve Allen Recording in Danville, CA.  "Big Girls Don't Cry", "Sunday Morning", "Some Kind of Wonderful", "Just Dance" and "Heartbreaker" were recorded in 2012 at RG Studios with our full stage band. The rest of the demo songs are older, single-take "live-to-track" recordings of us performing with our full stage band.
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MusicLore is also working on original music with Lauren's long time friend and poet, Jill Diane, hoping to build a more personal musical identity along with creating our special versions of popular covers.
All rights reserved.  All music titles protected by copyright of the respective songwriters, artists and publishers with licensing managed by ASCAP, BMISESAC, et al, as applicable.  All finished music files published on the MusicLore website are protected by copyright LaurenT Productions 2011-2014.